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Fascinating guests from all walks of science, the arts and technology join host Erin Sharoni for inspiring conversation. From astronauts to musicians, athletes to novelists, each has a story to tell that contributes to our collective evolution. ///////////////////////// Show creator and host Erin Sharoni's unique background in the arts, science, technology and media allow her to bring a different perspective to conversations with "evolvers" from across all platforms. Currently a Creative Strategist for biotech startup InsideTracker, she is also an artist, DJ and producer, a writer for DJ Mag, and sports television host and anchor. Formerly, she held on-air hosting roles on NBC Sports Network, CNBC, SHOWTIME and CBS Sports. Her writing has appeared on CBSSports.com, DJ Mag, Huffington Post and TIME.com.

  • Science

    Health, Aerospace, Physics, Genetics

  • The Arts

    Music, Fine Art, Writing, Film & Television

  • Sports

    Athletes, Coaches, Trainers, Sports Tech

  • Technology

    Biotech, Startups, Innovation


Creator & Host
Known for her role as a TV presenter in sports & entertainment, Erin has appeared on Showtime, NBC Sports, CNBC, MTV, & CBS Sports. She is a Creative Strategist at biotech startup InsideTracker, a DJ & producer and a writer for DJ Mag.

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